Curb Appeal

News and Updates:

Many cherry trees  in our community are infected with Cherry Bark Tortrix.

Also….There are about eight homes that do not have a sensor on their post light.  Island Handyman can install a sensor for a little over $100.  You can save energy cost and not have to worry about turning the light on and off every day.

During the summer months, vandalism increases in Oak Harbor.  It is important that everyone have their post light illuminated.  Repair man Brians phone number is 360-240-0850.  Brian just repaired the mailbox that was run over and his work is outstanding.

Curb Appeal – It makes our walks more fun!

Per Wikipedia, curb appeal is defined as “attractiveness of the exterior of the residential or commercial property. The term was extensively used in the United States during the housing boom and continues to be used as an indicator of the initial appeal of a property to prospective buyers.” The Eagle Crest Homeowners Association CC&Rs article 7.10. reads “Maintenance of Street Landscaping. Property owners are required to maintain their yards, in particular all areas in view from the street.”

When the neighborhood was young, everyone took pride in the overall appearance of their homes. Several years have passed and many of the homeowners have moved on and rented out their property. Others have simply lost interest in lawn maintenance. Walking around the development today shows a very well cared dwelling next to a home that has been neglected for way too long. The Board receives calls daily from residents complaining about the total disregard of our CC&Rs. A few years ago the association voted overwhelmingly to place fines on the infractions to ensure our neighborhood remains one of the premier subdivisions in Oak Harbor.

The Board has been put in a position to play neighborhood police and has tried to address the infractions with a simple reminder. Most have appreciated this more casual approach; however, too many have ignored our pleas to address the curb appeal of their home. Several of the homes are occupied by renters and the property managers have been less than accommodating. One such management team called me and told me that putting the notice on the door step was downright rude and that renters do not need to be bothered with such requests. He added that he had no intention of addressing the weeds in the yard and mowing twice a month is enough, even though the weeds were over ten inches tall.
It is time to change our approach. From now on, we will still use the reminder, however, after two weeks, if the infraction is not addressed, the Board will contact the appropriate maintenance provider to correct the issue and the owner will be billed.  We do not want to take this approach. But we have to think of the homeowners who are abiding by the CC&Rs and those who are trying to sell their property. Lack of curb appeal affects every home in the community.


Homeowners should consider including the cost of lawn maintenance in the monthly rent payment. This will ensure your biggest investment maintains its property value. Most of the renters who have leased property in Eagle Crest do not own a lawn mower and have no desire to weed someone else’s yard.

If you are a homeowner and simply do not have the time or desire to maintain your curb appeal, get some assistance, call Three Men and a Mower Landscaping 679-9014 for basic lawn services.  Elnora 679-8999 can provide routine maintenance and take care of those pesky weeds.  A Clean Streak, (360) 395-5748 can address the moss on your roof, clean and maintain your gutters.

Yard waste is not to be disposed in the common areas. If you do not have city issued green waste container, Mailliards Landing on Oak Harbor Road will accept your yard waste for a nominal fee.

Everyone agreed to maintain their homes when they purchased property in Eagle Crest. The Board should not have to remind you of your responsibilities. Please take a critical look at your curb appeal and take the necessary action to bring your home into compliance and help bring our development back to its original glory. You may be the next homeowner who is putting their property on the market. Don’t you want to have every advantage possible to get top dollar? Let’s work together and make Eagle Crest the first choice for homebuyers relocating to Oak Harbor.