Neighborhood Watch

Incidents of vandalism increase during the summer months. Be a good neighbor and report any suspicious behavior to the police. Also, let your neighbor know if they left their garage door open after retiring for the evening. If you park your car in the driveway, ensure all doors are locked and the windows are closed. Do not leave any valuables within sight in your vehicle.

Bring in all toys, bikes, and equipment each evening and store in your garage. Ensure your post light is illuminated. There is no overnight parking on the street per CC&Rs. If you have guests or your driveway is being repaired, please inform the Board so a temporary waiver can be granted. Let a neighbor know if you are expecting a package while you are away and ask them to remove it from your front porch and keep it in a safe place until you return home.   Packages being stolen off front porches is frequent during the holiday season.


Eagle Crest is divided into seven groups with each group having a neighborhood watch team captain.The function of the team captain is to first contact each of the members within your area. They should gather information including names, phone numbers, car description and emergency contact numbers. A compiled listing should be given to each member within the group. Each of us need to be vigilant in an effort to keep our neighborhood safe. Report any suspicious activity to the local police department. Emergencies can be reported by calling 911. Call 679-9567 to report  any suspicious (non emergency) activity. If you have any questions about the Neighborhood Watch Program contact Herm Eerkes.


Block Captains

Herm Eerkes
2515 SW Capital Drive
2420 SW Capital Drive
2440 SW Capital Drive
2460 SW Capital Drive
2520 SW Capital Drive
2540 SW Capital Drive
2449 SW Capital Drive
2531 SW Capital DriveAREA TWO:
Gail McCool
2650 SW Capital Drive

2560 SW Capital Drive
2580 SW Capital Drive
2600 SW Capital Drive (Lot 39)
2610 SW Capital Drive
2680 SW Capital Drive
2601 SW Capital Drive
2595 SW Capital Drive
Position Open
2706 SW Capital Drive
2734 SW Capital  Drive
2762 SW Capital Drive
2790 SW Capital Drive
2810 SW Capital Drive
2830 SW Capital Drive
825 SW Eagle Vista Drive
832 SW Eagle Vista Drive
2745 SW Capital Drive
2731 SW Capital Drive
Tim Hassett
944 SW Eagle Vista
855 SW Eagle Vista Drive
881 SW Eagle Vista Drive
915 SW Eagle Vista Drive
945 SW Eagle Vista Drive
975 SW Eagle Vista Drive
964 SW Eagle Vista Drive
922 SW Eagle Vista Drive
906 SW Eagle Vista Drive
880 SW Eagle Vista Drive
854 SW Eagle Vista Drive
Bill Swisher
2750 SW Talon Loop
2735 SW Talon Loop
2725 SW Talon Loop
2691 SW Talon Loop
2681 SW Talon Loop
2674 SW Talon Loop
2700 SW Talon Loop
2726 SW Talon Loop
Scott Storer
2566 SW Talon Loop
2580 SW Talon Loop
2600 SW Talon Loop
2620 SW Talon Loop
2636 SW Talon Loop
2650 SW Talon Loop
2611 SW Talon Loop
2601 SW Talon Loop
Dian Sizer
2480 SW Talon Loop
2419 SW Capital Drive
2508 SW Talon Loop
2532 SW Talon Loop
2550 SW Talon Loop
2525 SW Talon Loop
2515 SW Talon Loop
2485 SW Talon Loop
2475 SW Talon Loop